A very interesting letter from Jeff Blankfort - A MUST READ

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Dear all and Tuvia (without the dear, since I am not a hypocrite, a character deficit that is inherent in zionism and its adherents),
I, although not having been asked, will take delight in answering Tuvia’s question. Israel’s crimes over the years have convinced me that they, like hypocricy, are fundamental to Zionism and to Israel’s existence as much as heroine is to the drug addict. Israel’s existence has been a crime like every settler colonial state has been a crime, regardless of the excuses made for its establishment. In the case of Israel I might argue that Zionism and the writings and preachings of zionists served as an impetus to the destruction of European Jewry by the 3rd Reich. After all, both Hitler and Eichmann read Herzl who wrote that Jews could not live among non-Jews without creating anti-semitism (which made it, therefore, a Jewish creation, no?) and you had German Zionists welcoming the Nuremberg Laws because, as Rabbi Joachim Prinz put it, “German Jews would no longer be able to hide in the woodwork.” Do you like that, Tuvia? Prinz,, somehow survived amd regretted his statement, but it reflected the mentality of the Zionist movement at that time.
I do, however, disagree with the Hamas minister. Israel is not an abcess which would indicate that it something normal that has become diseased. No, Israel was a foreign implant that the host understandably rejects and will continue to reject until it is removed. Some will argue that it is not an implant, but a cancer that spells doom for the entire region. They may be right. In any case, I will oppose Israel’s existence as a Jewish state as long as I am able, and - since no military solution is available - advocate sanctions so stiff that it will be brought economically to its knees, or better, all fours, and those who have emigrated there, the fascists from Russia and the racists from the US, the UK, France, Switzerland, and yatta ta yatta, will get the message and get on the first plane out of there. That may be the only way to preserve the future of the planet which is now at the mercy of the criminally insance, a description which applies to each successive Israeli regime to an increasing degree.
Jeff B(lankfort)